Giving Freely — donate your home goods to do good

As with any large project, starting can be a hard thing to do.  For many of our clients, they have retained our services as a move management company because they need not only motivation, emotional support, and extra hands, but because the job at hand is a large one.  Downsizing after several years, even decades, in a large family home is challenging when going to a smaller space.  There is the junk to sort through and dispose of, treasured family mementos to offer to relatives, floor plans and furniture to consider for the new space.  But what to make of so many non-personal articles left after these important tasks are complete?  You know, the “stuff” that contributed to a feeling of home?   

We at A Thoughtful Move encourage our clients to think seriously about donating.  Most every client has artwork gracing their walls, comfy couches providing a welcome to place to rest, extra bed sets and bedding, and a multitude of kitchen items (to name just a few) that can easily be repurposed to give another family a fresh start.  Joan and her team have partnerships with several not-for-profit organizations including Household Goods Recycling of MA, Habitat for Humanity, Boomerangs, and other selective organizations which value previously used but not abused home goods.

At their facilities they store gently used furnishings that provide an environment for case workers and recently placed struggling families to get the much-needed items to start re-building their base, their lives, their home.  In the example of Boomerangs clothing items are sold to the public to raise funds for their mission. 

Being thoughtful not only about the logistics surrounding your move, but thoughtful about how to enrich others’ lives is a core value of our company.  When a client chooses donation we arrange for pick-up and oversee it day-of, develop a detailed list of donated items for tax records, and request anonymity if desired.  A Thoughtful Move….easing your mind, and your move.

Check back for updates on our other not-for-profit partners!


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