Environmental responsibility

During my time with A Thoughtful Move (ATM), almost every client at some point has wondered what becomes of the packing materials post-move?  It can be overwhelming to see the contents of your house being translated to boxes as the move approaches, and the associates at ATM take great care to make sure that nothing is damaged in the packing, move, or unpacking with use of packing paper and appropriate boxes.  With respect to the packing materials, our preferred mover recycles all materials in single stream recycling.  ATM also utilizes bins and boxes from the client where appropriate.  Our unpack service will clear your new space of the boxes the very same day as well as putting your home together.

Apart from an established recycling program, of greater import is the proper disposal of hazardous materials.  It is standard practice to aggregate the materials in a home that have no place in a landfill, and arrange for proper disposal.  Our partner in this removes old paint, aerosols, hazardous chemicals and the like in their vehicles which are covered and ensures the delivery at the permitted facilities.  ATM makes the calls and arranges for this, as well as the other steps involved in move.

A Thoughtful Move…..thoughtful about the environment, thoughtful about the client.


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