The Paper Chase ~ stories from the field

Early on in the moving process, we provide clients with a list of services needing cancellation or change of address notifications.   A recent client wanted to make those calls at her leisure after her move out was complete.  She was then told by one of the utility companies that she needed to send her late husband’s death certificate to cancel the account, as the account was in his name.  He had died eight years prior!  We had not anticipated the need for a death certificate so it was carefully packed in file boxes at the moving company’s storage facility.  The utility will be cancelled after things are brought out of storage, and luckily it is inconsequential.  But it got us thinking….

We at A Thoughtful Move suggest two things; always change any account held in the name of a deceased spouse or family member as soon as you are ready to do so after their death.  Secondly, to the best of your ability, anticipate the documents you will need and keep them with you when your things are placed in storage, or on a long distance move separating you from your belongings for several days.

Suggestions include:
-birth certificates and death certificates
-social security cards
-documents relating to the sale of your home
-credit cards
-title to your vehicle
-marriage certificates and divorce decrees
-tax returns from recent years (check with your accountant for the definition of recent)
-medical records in the event of an emergency
-legal documents such as power of attorney

We work closely with our clients to ensure their important documents are safeguarded and never “lost in the shuffle.”  Keeping a well marked file box or banker’s box for these important papers can be useful if you are readying yourself for a major move.



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