The Role of a Move Manager

Joan Roover, founder and owner, guest blogs about her role as a coach.

I love what I do.  Working with people at one of life’s most stressful moments to “ease our clients’ minds and their moves” is very rewarding for me and the members of our A Thoughtful Move team.  After talking to one of our baby boomer clients on the telephone the other day, I realized another aspect of the role a move manager plays; we are coaches.  We help people through a difficult and usually a very emotional experience. 

How often does a client sell their primary home?  Once or maybe twice in a lifetime.  We do hundreds or thousands of moves in our career.  We learn about real estate and the strategies brokers use to maximize the sale price and to set realistic selling prices.  We serve as a sounding board for clients to talk through their feelings if they are told to lower their asking price on their house in order to sell it.  We understand that it is a house they live in and love and made an emotional as well as a financial investment.  We serve as a shoulder to lean on when they are given low prices for their dining room table and chairs where they hosted family celebrations and gatherings of loved ones.  We help them talk through their feelings, make better decisions and move on.  We share our years of experience and help our clients understand the realities of today’s marketplace.   We coach them through their entire moving experience.   

Joan Roover, MSW, JD is the founder and owner of A Thoughtful Move, Inc. and has been assisting clients as a move manager since 2007.


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