More Than Words, a favorite charity

With our help, turn this


into tools that empower youth that are in the foster care system, homeless, court-involved or out of school.  

Every home has books.  Sometimes lots of books!  While each client wishes to bring favorites or new acquisitions with them on their journey, we offer a robust partnership with More Than Words, a local organization that empowers youth by letting them lead their own business — a bookstore, to be precise.  Additionally the organization assists each individual with goals and outcomes in their education, employment and self-efficacy.  Read about their amazing graduates here, stop in their stores when in Waltham or the South End, or consider donating today!

As with all the other components of a client move, we at A Thoughtful Move arrange for pick up and proper tax receipt of any donations made to this organization.  Moreover, great care is taken when preparing bookcases for donation.  Old travel itineraries, yearbooks, photo albums, and any other found personal effects are put aside for the homeowner.  Call today for a complimentary consultation.



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