Giving Families a Fresh Start

We at A Thoughtful Move are thrilled to be partnered with Furnishing Hope!  Congratulations to them on bettering the lives of so many, and accomplishing much in just four short years.  Read on for a message from their Executive Director about their programs.


Dear Joan,

I wanted to let you know that Furnishing Hope has hit an important milestone—the 4th anniversary of our very first furniture delivery to a family transitioning out of homelessness—and to thank you for your part in making that possible.

Since that first delivery in March of 2013, we’ve provided furniture and home goods to over 400 adults and children who were housed without the essentials needed to create a home.
Over a third of families transitioned to permanent housing from homeless or domestic violence shelters are still sleeping on the floor, don’t have a table to eat at, don’t have lamps to read by, months or even over a year after moving into permanent housing. Furnishing Hope—with your help—is working to change that.

We’ve walked into apartments and seen nothing but large black plastic garbage bags filled with a family’s belongings. We’ve seen the mother of school-aged twins who had been living in an apartment for over a year with only one mattress, no dresser and no light source in the bedrooms. We’ve seen the family of five—a mom and four children—whose only furniture were two chairs; their  “bed” consisted of blankets and clothing spread over their living room floor.

Because of you, Furnishing Hope has been able to provide these families, and many more, the furniture and home goods they’ve needed—beds to sleep on, couches to cuddle on, dressers to store their clothes, table to eat at, lamps to do homework by, plates to eat off of, pots and pans to cook with, and more—turning empty rooms into a home. We have left each of these families’ apartments knowing that they have better chance at rebuilding their lives.

Furnishing Hope’s successes are the result of an incredible collaborative effort made possible by the generosity of our donors, volunteers, and partners:

  • Without our furniture donors, families would still be sleeping on the floor;
  • Without our home goods donors, families wouldn’t have proper plates, and pots and pans;
  • Without our financial donors, we wouldn’t be able to carry out our program;
  • Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to operate cost-effectively;
  • Without our community partners, we wouldn’t be able to identify and reach families in need;
  • Without our business partners, we wouldn’t have the support needed to provide the range of goods and services we do;
  • and without our moving and storage partners Gentle Giant and Humboldt, we wouldn’t be able to manage our furniture donations and provide moving services

Because of you, our families now have a place they can call a home. Thank you for helping parents and children feel safer and comfortable. Thank you for giving these families a better chance at a fresh start.

For more information, to volunteer, or to donate, please go to www.furnishinghopema.orgor contact me at or 857-229-7528.

Warm regards, and thank you again,

Suzy Palitz

Executive Director
Furnishing Hope of Massachusetts, Inc.


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