Downsizing may be Rightsizing for Now

Joan Roover, founder and owner, guest blogs about an important service offered.

The initial thoughts of selling your home and moving may occur to you years before you actually make the decision to move.  For many it is a difficult decision.  You may have spent decades in the home where you raised your children and have a special connection with your neighbors.  It is hard to decide to move and to leave behind that special door in the guest room where you measured the growth of your children and then, perhaps, your grandchildren.  For some the garden is hard to leave after spending years cultivating the beds and growing favorite flowers and herbs and vegetables.  For many, it is their “stuff” that overwhelms them and for lack of knowing what to do with all their stuff, the decision to move is delayed.

However, once you get to “go”, the decision is undoubtedly the right thing to do.  Whether the decision comes because you have become an empty nester and city life is beckoning to you, or whether the house is just too much to care for and you seek a simpler life, the first thing you need to do is to start at the beginning.   You need to get the house ready to show to put it on the market.  That’s Phase One of a three phase process.  Phase Two is the move itself and Phase Three is closing on the house and preparing it for your buyer.   In fact, you can start work on Phase One even before you actually make the final decision to move; you can start doing this while still in the move contemplation stage.

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Giving Families a Fresh Start

We at A Thoughtful Move are thrilled to be partnered with Furnishing Hope!  Congratulations to them on bettering the lives of so many, and accomplishing much in just four short years.  Read on for a message from their Executive Director about their programs.


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The Role of a Move Manager

Joan Roover, founder and owner, guest blogs about her role as a coach.

I love what I do.  Working with people at one of life’s most stressful moments to “ease our clients’ minds and their moves” is very rewarding for me and the members of our A Thoughtful Move team.  After talking to one of our baby boomer clients on the telephone the other day, I realized another aspect of the role a move manager plays; we are coaches.  We help people through a difficult and usually a very emotional experience. 

How often does a client sell their primary home?  Once or maybe twice in a lifetime.  We do hundreds or thousands of moves in our career.  We learn about real estate and the strategies brokers use to maximize the sale price and to set realistic selling prices.  We serve as a sounding board for clients to talk through their feelings if they are told to lower their asking price on their house in order to sell it.  We understand that it is a house they live in and love and made an emotional as well as a financial investment.  We serve as a shoulder to lean on when they are given low prices for their dining room table and chairs where they hosted family celebrations and gatherings of loved ones.  We help them talk through their feelings, make better decisions and move on.  We share our years of experience and help our clients understand the realities of today’s marketplace.   We coach them through their entire moving experience.   

Joan Roover, MSW, JD is the founder and owner of A Thoughtful Move, Inc. and has been assisting clients as a move manager since 2007.

The Paper Chase ~ stories from the field

Early on in the moving process, we provide clients with a list of services needing cancellation or change of address notifications.   A recent client wanted to make those calls at her leisure after her move out was complete.  She was then told by one of the utility companies that she needed to send her late husband’s death certificate to cancel the account, as the account was in his name.  He had died eight years prior!  We had not anticipated the need for a death certificate so it was carefully packed in file boxes at the moving company’s storage facility.  The utility will be cancelled after things are brought out of storage, and luckily it is inconsequential.  But it got us thinking….

We at A Thoughtful Move suggest two things; always change any account held in the name of a deceased spouse or family member as soon as you are ready to do so after their death.  Secondly, to the best of your ability, anticipate the documents you will need and keep them with you when your things are placed in storage, or on a long distance move separating you from your belongings for several days.

Suggestions include:
-birth certificates and death certificates
-social security cards
-documents relating to the sale of your home
-credit cards
-title to your vehicle
-marriage certificates and divorce decrees
-tax returns from recent years (check with your accountant for the definition of recent)
-medical records in the event of an emergency
-legal documents such as power of attorney

We work closely with our clients to ensure their important documents are safeguarded and never “lost in the shuffle.”  Keeping a well marked file box or banker’s box for these important papers can be useful if you are readying yourself for a major move.


Environmental responsibility

During my time with A Thoughtful Move (ATM), almost every client at some point has wondered what becomes of the packing materials post-move?  It can be overwhelming to see the contents of your house being translated to boxes as the move approaches, and the associates at ATM take great care to make sure that nothing is damaged in the packing, move, or unpacking with use of packing paper and appropriate boxes.  With respect to the packing materials, our preferred mover recycles all materials in single stream recycling.  ATM also utilizes bins and boxes from the client where appropriate.  Our unpack service will clear your new space of the boxes the very same day as well as putting your home together.

Apart from an established recycling program, of greater import is the proper disposal of hazardous materials.  It is standard practice to aggregate the materials in a home that have no place in a landfill, and arrange for proper disposal.  Our partner in this removes old paint, aerosols, hazardous chemicals and the like in their vehicles which are covered and ensures the delivery at the permitted facilities.  ATM makes the calls and arranges for this, as well as the other steps involved in move.

A Thoughtful Move…..thoughtful about the environment, thoughtful about the client.